Deltatre unveils mtribes SaaS UX platform

Sports and entertainment technology provider Deltatre has unveiled mtribes, an OTT software-as-a-service user experience platform.

The company said it took the decision to launch a new product in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis because it will enable customers to tackle the problems of understanding how their users are interacting with their service, how to move customers them from free to paid, and retain them over the long-term, and how to streamline day-to-day operations.

According to Deltatre, mtribes enables any media operator running a digital or OTT service to identify user groups and their behaviours, create personalised user experiences and measure the effectiveness of personalisation.

The company claims that iit takes less than 15 minutes to integrate mtribes into websites and apps already live in the market.

Deltatre said that mtribes brings together audience segmentation, UX configuration, user insights, and feature testing in a single console for non-technical teams, designed to be used by marketers and product owners who can quickly identify ‘tribes’ of users that share similar characteristics and configure the UX accordingly, including design, features and promotions.

The tool can be used to identify fans of different genres or actors that can be used to offer specific Tribes more relevant promotions or offers.

Delstatre said that companies can use mtribes to test new campaigns or features on a subset of users, before rolling it out to a larger audience. The tool enables editors to control and configure components within their existing apps, including user prompts, theming, navigation content and promotional rails, advertising, forms and acquisition flows, through a drag-and-drop interface.

“Today’s OTT providers come up against three main challenges, How do we configure our UI without devoting valuable resource on engineering that’s better spent elsewhere? How can we unlock our data and truly understand how users interact with our service? And how can we target, measure and validate personalization based on these insights? With mtribes, there is now a product that can answer these questions for operators across both sport and entertainment in minutes, not months,” said Ron Downey, President of OTT at Deltatre.

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