Megogo adds games

CIS region OTT operator Megogo has launched an interactive games section.

Available on some LG smart TVs, users or the application will be able to play a range of games in addition to watching movies and TV series. Megogo said that it plans to launch games on other TV models in the near future including Samsung Tizen TVs.

Currently, there are five free games available: The Story of Gimli, Klondike Solitaire, Millionaire Quiz, Backgammon, and Minesweeper. Again, Megogo said that it will add additional games in the coming weeks and months.

Ivan Shestakov, marketing and strategy director at Megogo said: “We continue to offer our users products that make their free time more fun. Most importantly, consumers do not need to install several applications to get this or that product. Just turn on Megogo. The launch of the games section is in the testing stage so that we can better understand the needs of our users.

“Upon successful completion of the test, we plan to significantly expand the section and increase both the range of available games and range of TV sets that support the function.”

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