Free Netflix promotion is a scam, streamer confirms

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Any messages of a coronavirus-related promotion from Netflix are fake, the streaming giant has confirmed.

As the world becomes increasingly housebound as a result of the global pandemic, a number of companies – ranging from AMC’s Shudder to PornHub – are offering extended free trials, but Netflix is not one of them.

A number of users on Twitter claimed to receive messages offering them one of a limited number of ‘free passes’ to Netflix with a link to a scam website. On that website, users are presented with a message that says: “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are giving away totally free access to our platform for the period of isolation, until the virus is contained.”

Users are then asked to complete a survey and then send the link to 10 other people via WhatsApp.

However, this, like most things that seem too good to be true, is nothing more than a phishing attempt, with Netflix confirming to Business Insider that the promotion is fake.

Streaming has seen a massively increased focus during the pandemic, and Netflix in particular is benefitting. In the US, AT&T said that its traffic from the streaming service hit an all-time high. The operator confirmed that Netflix viewing traffic on its network service peaked on Friday and Saturday.

Meanwhile, the streamer has agreed to take steps to curb its data usage in Europe with the EU looking to ensure that an adequate amount of bandwidth is left available.

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