Short form streamer Flix Snip launches on Russian Beeline TV

Short form VOD service Flix Snip has announced a partnership with Russian operator Beeline to launch on its Beeline TV service. 

Flix Snip is an App and Video On Demand service that features curated and award-winning short-form movies and series. It first officially launched in January 2019 and is available in Russia, Spain, Italy and Singapore reaching over 70 million mobile OTT and IPTV users.

Beeline TV is a multi-platform service that provides access to more than 300 TV channels and a range of apps. The service allows subscribers of any telecom operator to watch content on different devices,

The service will be available in Beeline’s IPTV and OTT movie package along with the SVOD pack “Korotkometrazhki”.

Sebastien Perioche, CEO and founder of Flix Snip, said: “We are glad to bring to Beeline subscribers a premium and curated selection of international short movies and series for everyone life’s little breaks”

A statement from Beeline said that the operator is “very pleased to provide Beeline TV users with new opportunities as we launched the subscription for short video content”.

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