Pluto TV launches ‘most significant product upgrade in years’

ViacomCBS-owned Pluto TV has announced the launch of its “most significant product upgrade in years.”

Dubbed Project Venetia, the new upgrade will see a range of QoE improvements for the AVOD which has over 22 million monthly active users in the US.

Chief among those upgrades is a new linear and on-demand UX which the company says will ensure that viewers “can now find what they love even faster, choosing from categories like Movies, News, Entertainment, Sports and more”.

Another feature of the project is the ability for users to favourite channels, keeping them at the top of their channel guide, along with the addition of a watch list that users can save titles to.

The last addition is a watch now button, which the company describes thusly: “when watching a programme live, viewers are now able to save select titles for on-demand to view at a later time. If the title is available on-demand, the “Watch Now” button will pop up in the guide.”

The upgrade has already rolled out on Apple TV, Vizio and Roku devices, and will roll out to Android TV and Amazon Fire TV in the coming months.

Tom Ryan, CEO and co-founder of Pluto TV said: “Today marks another major step for Pluto TV in its mission to entertain the planet. Project Venetia makes it even easier for viewers to find and enjoy their favorite streaming TV programming.”

The streamer has also launched a new brand identity with a new tagline of “Drop In. It’s Free” and a new logo.

Ryan said: “With our new brand campaign, we’re communicating the core value proposition of Pluto TV and inviting everyone to visit a bold new world of television.As our new tagline promises, you can drop in anytime and start watching hundreds of channels on any device, all for free.”

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