Video streaming consumption increased by 60% in 2019

Consumption of streaming video has increased by 58% year-over-year, a new report has revealed. 

According to figures from streaming media intelligence firm Conviva, streaming continues its growth, with on demand making up 66% of global streaming consumption.

For connected TVs, Roku is the clear market leader with 43% of all CTV viewing time. Amazon’s Fire TV is the second-largest player with 18% of the connected TV market, while Apple TV holds 9% of the market.

By region, streaming viewing is up 65% in Europe year over year, with the US at a similar figure. Asia has seen the least growth, with a 10% increase in time spent viewing. The report does note that the CTV market in the region only accounts for 2% of viewing hours, but saw exponential growth of 243% year over year.

For mobile devices, Android is the clear winner. Nearly a quarter (24%) of all streaming time is spent on a mobile device, and Google’s Android phones represent the majority with a 60% share of the mobile devices used. Google is followed by two Apple products – the iPhone at 26% and iPad at 14% share. This represents a 47% increase year-over-year for Android phones and an 84% increase for the iPhone.

The report also notes that social platforms are becoming increasingly important for news organisations, with such companies creating 23% more videos across services like Twitter and Facebook year-over-year. Facebook was the prefered platform for viewers, seeing a 125% increase of average views per news video and accounting for nearly 60% of all video views by major news organisations on social media platforms in 2019.

Sports organisations saw the largest increase of average engagements per video, growing on Instagram by 50% and YouTube by 47%. Instagram drove the most views for professional sports teams with 46% of their total views during 2019. This is in spite of the fact that sports teams on average posted 9% less video content compared to the same period of 2018.

Bill Demas, CEO of Conviva, said: “From recent entrants like Disney+ to soon-to-be-launched services like NBC’s Peacock and HBO Max, we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of streaming’s impact not only on consumer behavior, but also on the multi-billion dollar advertising and entertainment industries.

“As with any disruptive technology, growing pains are inevitable. The companies that win the streaming wars will be those able to offer viewers a fast, clear, reliable experience regardless of where in the world they live, or what device they use.”

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