TDC rebrands infrastructure arm

Danish telco and cable operator TDC has changed the name of its infrastructure division from TDC NetCo to TDC NET, with a new logo and visual identity to make the brand more visible to customers ,partners and employees. 

Andreas Pfisterer

The name change comes after TDC decided June to split the company into separate infrastructure and service provider arms, with the service division given the name Nuuday. 

TDC claims to have invested over DKK4 billion in its digital infrastructure this year as the operator prepares for 5G and roll out fibre to 50,000 homes. 

“It is a win for Denmark when we are well-connected. Countries with good infrastructure are doing better, both socially and economically. But our development is not stalling, and Denmark should continue to be a pioneer also in digital. Given our heritage, TDC NET has a special responsibility here. That is why we are contributing to the next generation of nationwide digital infrastructure. With secure and lightning-fast networks we are connecting businesses, hospitals, schools and everyone else ever better,” said Andreas Pfisterer, president and CEO of TDC NET.

”Danes’ I nternet traffic is increasing by 40% per year, and new technologies and services are constantly changing the way we use the internet. With the explosion of data consumption, yesterday’s infrastructure cannot support tomorrow’s needs. Therefore, TDC NET will expand digital infrastructure, which will enable a new era in the digitisation of Denmark. In the next five years, TDC NET will invest additional billions of kroner in its networks, so that we connect all of Denmark, for the benefit of everyone.”

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