RCS&RDS acquires right to operate more networks

Romanian cable and pay TV leader RCS&RDS has struck agreements to operate the networks of Digital Cable Systerms, AKTA Telecom and ATTP Telecommunications.

 RCS&RDS is also acquiring the infrastructure and customers of ATTP Telecommunications, which is purchasing Digital Cable Systems and AKTA Telecom, upon fulfilment of certain conditions. 

The complex deal will see RCS&RDS operate the companies’ networks and provide services to customers in exchange for an annual payment. The deals mean that RCS&RDS will provide approximately 540,000 additional internet, cable and fixed and mobile services across Romania.

The agreement are for an initial period of three years, and can be extended at the option of either party for a further three years. The total amount to be paid by the operator either as rent or an acquisition price amounts to €77 million. 

The agreement are subject to regulator approval by the Romanian competition watchdog. It is also subject to ATTP Telecommunications acquiring the required rights to transfer the use its assets as well as the majority of shares in Digital Cable Systems and AKTA Telecom. 

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