XITE teams up with video ad management provider Beachfront

Interactive music video platform XITE has teamed up with video ad management platform Beachfront to manage, deliver and track XITE’s IPv6-enabled set-top-box video inventory.

Beachfront’s IPv6-enablement technology surfaces tracking from IPv6 devices to IPv4 environments, which the company says enables more reliable ad delivery and tracking against both types of IP addresses for media buying and selling partners.

Earlier this year Beachfront launched technology designed to plug set-top-box TV inventory into the programmatic demand-side, intermingling traditional TV with digital inventory and making it real-time biddable, according to the company. 

“In today’s digital media world, you need innovative partners who can solve complex challenges quickly and efficiently, and Beachfront has become a tech and monetization problem-solving lab for us,. Beachfront is addressing a major issue for XITE, allowing us to unlock and monetize inventory that was previously under-performing due to broken IPv4-based targeting” said XITE co-CEO Cees Honig.

“It’s amazing to work with Cees Honig and a media company that truly ‘gets it’ – and to have their trust that we aren’t just cobbling together some basic monetization solution. Our product team is helping to ease the transition from IPv4-based addresses to IPv6-based identifiers to enable the seamless buying and selling of media across all devices. And in doing so, we’re ensuring XITE is monetizing against its entire total addressable market,” said Ben Abbatiello, VP of advanced TV at Beachfront, who recently joined the company from SpotX. 

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