Disney+ to exceed 100 million subs by 2025

Disney+ original The Mandalorian

Imminently launching streamer Disney+ is expected to reach 101 million subscribers by 2025.

According to a new report from Digital TV Research, the ‘big five’ SVOD platforms are expected to have a total of 529 million global subscribers, adding 257 million subscribers between 2019-25.

The analyst expects Disney+ to clearly establish itself as the third-placed streamer, with 101,196,000 subscribers, only behind Amazon (135,003,000) and Netflix (235,569,000). Netflix is expected to add 70 million subscribers by 2025, though the report says that only 6 million of these will be in the US.

Despite Apple’s initial marketing strategy of giving away a year’s free subscription to new device buyers – potentially hundreds of millions – the content-light streamer is expected to only hit 27 million subscribers. 

HBO Max is expected to reach just over 30 million subscribers, significantly less than AT&T’s target of 80 million subscribers. That said, the report goes on to say that including non-paying subscribers could see that number triple. AT&T has said that it plans to launch an ad-supported version of the streamer some time after its initial paid launch. 

Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research said: “competition is intense, with several platforms “reclaiming” content from others and with price wars in place. Furthermore, there are several exclusive distribution deals.”

Disney+ is launching in five countries over the coming fortnight, and after much speculation the company last week confirmed a wider European rollout on March 31

Disney boss Bob Iger revealed the rollout during the company’s full-year and Q4 earnings call on Thursday (7 November), adding that the platform would also be made available in a few other markets in the region.

At launch, Disney+ will provide access to more than 500 film and more than 7,500 episodes of library TV content, including 30 seasons of The Simpsons. By year five, the catalogue is expected to span more than 620 movies and over 10,000 television episodes along with “countless shorts and features”.