Tele Columbus does wholesale deal with Telefónica Deutschland

Tele Columbus HQ

German cable operator Tele Columbus has struck a long-term wholesale deal with Telefónica Deutschland that will enable the latter to offer services over the Tele Columbus network, covering 2.3 million homes in Germany.

The move marks a new departure for Tele Columbus in opening up its network to a third-party wholesale partner.

Earlier this year the European Commission gave a green light to Liberty Global to sell its German networks to Vodafone after the latter committed to open up its own network to Telefónica Deutschland.

Vodafone Deutschland opened its network up to rival provider Telefónica Deutschland in May, after previously submitting a remedy package comprising the cable wholesale agreement and a commitment to ensure sufficient capacity is available for OTT TV distribution.

Financial details of the Tele Columbus deal were not disclosed.

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