Sky Italia launches dishless Sky Q

Sky Italia’s Sky Q Fibra service has officially launched.

This offers subscribers who do not want to or cannot install a satellite an almost complete version of the Sky Q experience over fibre broadband. Channels are streamed through the set-top box.

A statement from the operator said that the new service has been launched to offer “the best content and the maximum viewing experience coupled with the freedom to choose the technology that best suits one’s needs.”

Compared to the existing My Sky Via Fibra offering, Sky Q Fibra is much faster with a new interface. There’s also an app section which provides access to a variety of third party applications, including DAZN, YouTube, Spotify and Netflix, along with support for voice control. 

The service is available to customers of Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Wind, 3 Italia, Fastweb and Tiscali FTTH or FTTC, provided that they have a minimum bandwidth of 15Mbps.

Of a benefit to both end users and the operator is that the new offer does not require technicians to install anything, with customers simply being sent a box to plug in to the TV.

However, it is worth noting that the offering is not the complete Sky Q experience as 4K and HDR are not available at launch, while some Sky satellite channels – such as Dazn1 – are absent. 

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