Vodafone and Unitymedia begin joint marketing of products

Vodafone and Unitymedia, the former Liberty Global German operation it took control of last month, have begun marketing joint fixed-mobile and mobule  products across their combined network of retail outlets in North-Rhine Westphalia, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg.

The pair’s joint marketing initiatives include providing coupons for benefits such as mini wireless routers, additional data for mobile and price discounts for GigaKombi offerings.

Vodafone DSL customers in the three German states may also now switch their service to Unitymedia’s HFC cable network.

Vodafone completed its €19 billion acquisition of Liberty Global’s operations in Germany, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic at the beginning of August, nettingLiberty approximately €10.1 billion in cash from the sale.

Speaking on Vodafone’s quarterly earnings call, the company’s CEO Nick Read said that the acquisition would make the telco “Europe’s largest owner of Gigabit next-generation network infrastructure” and “decisively shift the group’s mix in Europe to growing fixed and converged services, which will represent almost half of our consumer revenues going forwards”

In Germany, where Unitymedia, lose its name, the acquisition will make Vodafone a national player able to take on Deutsche Telekom in fixed and mobile coverage.

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