Proximus sees converged offerings boost TV numbers

Belgian service provider Proximus added 5,000 TV customers to its base in the second quarter, alongside 6,000 internet and 25,000 post-paid mobile customers, which the operator said reflected the appeal of its converged and segmented offerings.

Dominique Leroy

On the downside, the Belgian operator saw a decline in equipment sales and continued erosion of its fixed voice base.

Proximus had 1.631 million TV customers at the end of June, up 2.4% year-on-year. Its fixed internet base numbered 2.071 million, up 1.9%, while fixed voice customers numbered 2.477 million, down 4.8%. Its post-paid mobile base numbered 4.066 million, up 2.9%.

Proximus added 13,000 converged customers in the quarter, meaning that its converged households and business base represents 59.2% of the total.

The company posted Q2 revenues of €1.084 billion, down 2.6% on lower mobile handset sales. Underlying EBITDA was €446 million, down 0.8%.

CEO Dominique Leroy said that the group had “managed to further grow our customer base in a highly competitive setting, through our dual brand strategy and segmented approach”. She highlighted Proximus Pickx, the group’s new TV interface and content platform, among five new personalised applications that the company had launched during the course of the quarter.

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