Spacecom to launch AMOS-17 satellite on August 3

 AMOS satellite fleet operator Spacecom has announced the launch of AMOS-17, its latest satellite, on August 3.

The satellite, which will be launched from Cape Canaveral, FL, USA to the 17°East orbital position, will primarily serve sub-Saharan Africa and connect to Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

It is predicted that Africa will have over 1.5 billion residents by 2025, with the largest amount of young people in the world.

The company said that AMOS-17’s launch represents “important global cooperation and the application of innovative technologies for the creation of new services” to Africa.

Spacecom has years of experience working with African governments and commercial enterprises such as in internet, data, video and broadcast. Currently, the AMOS-7 and AMOS-4 satellites provide a range of services to the content.

Spacecom CEO and president, David Pollack said: “Spacecom has long been the pioneering leader in providing international satellite communication services in Israel and worldwide. AMOS-17’s launch is a meaningful and strategic milestone that boosts Israel’s continued presence in space and our corporate growth.

“AMOS-17 is a project with forward-looking technologies and provides a significant boost for our satellite fleet’s capacity, operational flexibility, expansion to more regions and technological superiority. Providing unique Turn Key Solutions for a range of uses will provide our customers with key competitive advantages and expand our partners and Spacecom’s corporate opportunities in the years to come.”

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