Vodafone Portugal launches new TV UX

Vodafone Portugal has launched a new advanced TV service featuring intelligent voice search, something they claim as a first for the Portuguese market, and a dedicated kids portal.

The company said that the new interface includes an intelligent voice-driven search engine that uses natural language recognition and combines a number of search criteria including the name of a title, the names of actors, date, content genre and others.

Vodafone is also offers a dedicated kids content area with a parental control system that allows parents to set sleep times when access to content is blocked.

The operator says its new offering provides a simpler, intuitive and intelligent interface, including features such as the ability to resume viewing at the point when it was interrupted.

The new interfaces includes access to HBO and YouTube, the two key applications on the current service, as well as the recently launched public services feature.

The interface is available to users of the operator’s VBox 4K, its new decoder.

“The main objective of Vodafone is to always give its customers what they want to see, with the best television experience, powered by the best telecommunications network in the market. At a time when consumers’ habits are changing, Vodafone is following the trends and presenting a television service for everyone, but with an innovative user interface that is more immersive and geared towards content,” said António Margato, director of consumer marketing at Vodafone Portugal.

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