Adult site launches a la carte xCashtags

Digital Media Management-operated adult video marketplace has launched its xCashtag a la carte offering.

The option, which has been launched as “the market is changing nonstop, right along with needs and usage behavior”, allows users to subscribe to ‘xCashtags’ at set prices.

The subscriptions give access to any video tagged with the certain identifier, allowing users to pick and choose from their own content preferences.

The xCashtags start from US$7.49 (€6.64) per month depending on the category, and users can pick and choose from over 100 different genres of adult video.

Sinx says that this will be of a huge benefit to content creators, with niche categories being easier to find and therefore not having to compete for space with mainstream ones. 

A statement from the company explained the decision to launch such an offering in a market dominated by individual video purchases and pricey monthly subscriptions: “We believe that current users dedicate their loyalty to people, not to companies or brands. A big factor being personal preference, especially when it comes to sexuality and adult lifestyles in today’s world. Our content creators make videos with a particular genre in mind, yearning for it to be seen. We provide both users and creators a prefect place to hang out and call home.”

Robert Marschall, CEO of Digital Media Managment said: “We are releasing new features constantly. Within July we will launch our new lifetime library and, a new self-management platform for content creators, studios and producers. This launch will also bring ‘Studiobux’ to life, a program rewarding new content, quality and promotion. This will have a positive impact for the users – they’ll get really great content. is a not-to-be-missed adult playground without being a financial burden.”

Digital Media Management is known for products such as Eromaxx, Tainster, Sindrive, Party Hardcore and Bimaxx.

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