Mirada integrates Netflix into Iris platform, roll out with Mexico’s izzi

TV technology provider Mirada has integrated Netflix within its Iris multiscreen product, with its first deployment to izzi’s pay TV platform in Mexico.

The Netflix integration means that all of Mirada’s customers with an agreement with Netflix will now have the option to provide their subscribers with access to the streaming service on set-top boxes directly from their pay TV platform.

Operators that provide Netflix on their platform will be able to offer multiscreen interactivity, such as the ability to pause and play films or series from smartphones when watching Netflix content on the set-top box.

The integration adds to the other third-party content provider integrations that Mirada currently offers to their customers, including Fox Play and HBO Go.

The first operator to take advantage of Mirada’s integration with Netflix is izzi Telecom, Mirada’s largest client in Mexico, which has introduced Netflix across their service this month.

José-Luis Vázquez, CEO of Mirada, said: “We are thrilled to announce the integration with Netflix as we know that it will help our clients, the operators, to delight their existing customers and attract new customers by transforming their pay TV offering into an entire entertainment hub for their users.”

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