NOS launches multiscreen picture-in-picture

Portuguese pay TV provider NOS has launched multiscreen picture-in-picture mode, allowing users to view content while simultaneously accessing other applications and services.

NOS has staked its claim to be the first operator in the market to offer picture-in-picture, with a second pop-up screen enabling users to access content from another app.

NOS said that the launch of the service was designed to meet growing demand from subscribers to be able to multitask on the TV, allowing them to view supplementary information.

The picture-in-picture window can be placed anywhere on the TV screen and is available across devices regardless of the app or browser being used, according to NOS.

Picture-in-picture from NOS is available on Android smartphones and Android and iOS tablets as well as PCs via Chrome.

João Ferreira, director of product development at the pay TV provider, said that the functionality had been full designed in-house by the company’s innovation team.

He said that the feature would “allow the user to enjoy an innovative and enriching experience in the context of the interactive consumption of multiple content”.

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