Levira forecasts jump in growth as it targets Brexit market

Estonian media services group Levira is forcecasting 10% growth in sales and a 30% jump in profits as it seeks to expand the range of services it offers and add new customers including, potentially, broadcasters seeking refuge from challenges raised by Brexit.

Levira posted revenues of €10.1 million and EBITDA of €2.2 million for 2018.

Export services currently account for 27% of Levira’s revenues last year, with the UK, Sweden and Latvia featuring among its biggest export markets.

The group has targeted broadcasters based in the UK but targeting EU markets that are seeking a new home to avoid falling foul of EU rules on cross-border broadcasting post-Brexit. Levira last year organised seminars for broadcasters to encourage them to set up in Estonia, with the country joining Ireland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg among others in targeting this potential growth market.

“In the field of media services, Levira is actively looking for business opportunities in the post-Brexit television market to offer international TV channels the opportunity to work on Estonian broadcasting licenses,” said Tiit Tammiste, chairman of Levira.

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