UX ‘as important as content’, says Zappware boss

User experience has been a “key unique selling point” for Zappware, claims the company’s CEO.

Speaking exclusively to Digital TV Europe at Zappware’s inaugural strategy summit, CEO Patrick Vos said that designing its product around an excellent user experience has proved vital to its success.

“I think one of the key unique selling points that we’ve had in our product line from day one was good user experience, so a very nice user interface and a good experience for the end consumer,” said Vos.

“The Digital TV Europe industry survey was quite important for us and was a benchmark to see whether our product is still in line with the expectations of the user. One of the key takeaways that I noticed in the survey is that user experience is as important as content in a good tv product and I think our product quite well reflects that.”

The Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2019 gathered responses from 560 executives across 64 countries on a range of topics, including user experience, HbbTV and OTT TV live-streaming. It can be read in full here.

During the full interview, Vos talked about the reasons behind organising the company’s inaugural strategy summit, the importance of a good user experience for consumers, what makes a good UX and how operators can combat the cord cutting threat.

The full interview can be viewed below, or on Digital TV Europe’s YouTube channel.


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