Kudelski targets connected cars market with L&T partnership

TV technology and security specialist Kudelski is extending its reach into adjacent markets by teaming up with engineering consultancy outfit L&T Technology Services to provide security for connected coars and industrial systems.

The pair have struck a partnership to provide technology for industrial equipment manufacturers and automotive manufacturers to provide industrial systems and connected cars with device identity to protect devices, data, decisions, commands and actions

L&T will make use of Kudelski’s security solutions and its IoT centre of excellence to help manufacturers design, run and sustain IoT protection throughout the product lifecycle. Kudelski will leverage L&T’s specific expertise in areas like automotive and plant engineering and work to provide secure solutions to joint customers.

The pair will provide vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of existing systems in order to assess the current security of IoT networks, security design and assessment services for new solutions, the Kudelski IoT Security Platform, and managed security services that monitor and respond to evolving security threats.

Ashish Khushu, Chief Technology Officer, L&T Technology Services said, “As verticals like automotive and manufacturing increasingly adopt digital technologies and get “connected”, they are also becoming prone to risks of unwarranted access into critical systems causing heavy damages — leading to loss of productivity, brand reputation and possibly human lives. By leveraging Kudelski’s proven capabilities in cybersecurity and managed security services, coupled with LTTS’ expertise in cybersecurity and its rich engineering legacy, we will provide our customers with solutions that protect people, products and profits while enabling new business models, features and services.”

Jean-Michel Puiatti, Kudelski Group SVP for IoT Security said: “IoT is a truly transformative phenomenon for many sectors, and only a holistic approach to security – starting at the design phase and continuing throughout the entire product lifecyle – can enable its promises. By working with a solution engineering expert like LTTS, we will provide complete, simple, secure solutions that enable companies to unlock the full potential of their digital transformation and drive new revenues, features and efficiencies.”


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