ODMedia launches in the UK

Dutch content services and processing company for on-demand media ODMedia has launched its UK business.

The company had previously opened offices in Belgium, Scandinavia and Spain in the last 12 months. A German business is planned for late 2019.

Heading up the London-based company will be media consultancy Media Minds. The company is led by ex-Visual Data executives Anita O’Donnell and Yives Reed.

ODMedia has a strong relationship with OTT platforms across the world, and is a Netflix Preferred Fulfilment Partner. The company acts as an aggregator for major platforms, and provides monetisation, target audience development, digital-rights management and cross-promotion. In addition, ODMedia manages non-linear and linear channel playout for SVOD, AVOD and TVOD.

ODMedia Group CEO Sjef Pijnenburg said: “The digital distribution market is globalising. We need to access local markets to assist rights holders with their global release strategy. I am extremely pleased to have Yives and Anita on board. Our rapid growth and strategic plans for global rollout can only be managed successfully with key professionals like them.”

Media Minds co-founder Yives Reed said: “Anita and I have been on the sharp edge of content-processing and distribution for almost 20 years, so we know when we see an impressive team and organisation. ODMedia is that.”