Pantaflix to offer subscription and free VOD service

Pantaflix, the German video-on-demand (VOD) provider, has announced that it is adding an advertising-financed free of charge (AVOD) service, along with a subscription service (SVOD) to its current transactional model.

In a statement published on May 14, the company said that the expansion “gives the Group the opportunity to tap additional sales potential and new customer groups in a dynamically developing VoD market”.

Streaming is growing in prevalence in Germany, as it is through most of Europe. It is predicted that the German TVOD sector will reach €170 million in 2019, with AVOD hitting €600 million. SVOD is expected to amount to €890 million.

Pantaflix CEO Nicolas Paalzow said: “By expanding our platform strategy, we are penetrating two additional high-revenue markets with Pantaflix. We are opening up new, attractive customer groups in a time- and cost-saving manner and can thereby exploit the full performance potential of our highly scalable VoD platform. Everyone benefits: Our customers, our content partners and the Company – that was and is the Pantaflix way.”

Pantaflix launched in 2009, but started turning heads internationally in 2017 when it announced a distribution partnership with Disney.

The company has not announced when the new distribution models will be rolled out, or the pricing of the subscription model.

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