Levira and Estonia target post-Brexit broadcaster market again

Estonia based digital services provider Levira is involved in a further drive to promote the country as a new home for UK-based broadcasters in the post-Brexit era.

Levira is highlighting opportunities in Estonia to international broadcasters at a seminar in London today. The event is a follow-up of a seminar that was held a year ago, when Estonian representatives introduced smart solutions to UK’s TV channels and presented opportunities to solve problems that might arise in the post-Brexit media landscape.

The UK’s exit from the EU will have an impact on companies that transmit TV channels to EU countries with an UK licence from Ofcom, which is currently the leading provider of EU TV licences. Levria cited analysts’ estimates that a total of more than 1,000 TV channels will have to acquire a new EU licence due to Brexit.

Estonia is one of a group of countries alongside Ireland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg that are actively targeting UK-based broadcasters looking for a new base to ensure access to European markets post-Brexit.  Levira has been cooperating with the Estonian government throughout the year, with the aim of offering licence agreements for international companies in Estonia.

Today’s seminar was opened by Tiina Intelmann, the ambassador of Estonia to the UK. The seminar will provide broadcasters with relevant information on Estonia’s use as a post-Brexit European Union base, including presentations from Mati Kaalep from the Estonian Ministry of Culture, Simon Spanswick of the Association for International Broadcasting and Tiit Tammiste, chairman of Levira.

“Brexit concerns 1,200 UK TV channels who have to obtain an EU-compatible license for the free movement of their services. Estonia’s advantages are low bureaucracy, a good digital environment and competitive license fees, another plus being Levira’s state-of-the-art play-out centre and pan-European Media Distribution Network. With all these circumstances Estonia presents a favourable operating environment,” said Martti Kinkar, Head of Media Services Development at Levira.

“Successful cooperation with top-level TV channels would help create new jobs and open up new opportunities for the Estonian film and media sector,” said Tammiste.

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