BT tops Ofcom pay TV complaints list

BT topped UK regulator Ofcom’s list of the most complained-about pay TV service providers in the fourth quarter of last year.

The telco generated 12 complaints per 100,000 subscribers in the three months to December, followed by Virgin Media with 10 and TalkTalk with seven.

Sky generated the fewest complaints, with only one subscriber per 100,000 complaining.

BT’s main complaint drivers were issues relating to billing, pricing and charges, followed by complaints handling and faults, service and provision issues.

The industry average was four complaints per 100,000.

Plusnet generated the most complaints for fixed broadband services, with 43 per 100,000, far above second-placed Vodafone with 25. TalkTalk and BT were also above the industry average of 15 complaints per 100,000, with Virgin Media generating 14 complaints per 100,000.

Sky was the least complained about broadband service provider, followed by the Post Office and EE.

Sky was also the least complained about service provider in fixed and mobile broadband.

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