Russia postpones digital switchover in 21 regions

The Russian government has postponed digital switchover in 21 regions of the country, according to local reports.

The government has postponed switchover in 21 of Russia’s regions until October. Originally, all Russian regions where analogue TV is still transmitting were due to make the change on June 3.

Transport and communications ministry spokesman Alexey Volin informed Russia press that the switchover had been pushed back because people needed more time to install equipment at their summer houses, because during the summer season many families were not at their main place of residence and because the move might cause disruption to the tourist industry.

Additionally, he said, the bulk of funds allocated to help poorer Russians make the change had yet to be used to purchase equipment.

Volin said it would also be easier to handle problems if the switchover was phased. Under the original plan all 57 remaining regions were analogue TV is still available would have been switched off at the same time.

Volin said that despite the delay, all regions would be required to complete preparatory work for switchover ahead of the original June deadline.

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