KPN IPTV gains offset DTT losses

Dutch telco KPN narrowly increased its overall TV base in the first quarter, with 16,000 net additions to its IPTV base being almost exactly offset by 15,000 losses to its digital-terrestrial and analogue bases.

The telco had 2.184 million IPTV customers at the end of March, and 190,000 customers to its Digitenne DTT and analogue services.

KPN’s fixed broadband base declined from 2.934 million to 2.927 million over the same period.

The telco increased its base of fixed-mobile converged households slightly from 1.343 million to 1.358 million, with the number of fixed-only homes declining from 2.093 million to 2.037 million.

Overall, KPN’s base of consumer residential households declined by 41,000 to 3.395 million over the quarter.

The telco’s overall revenues declined by 2.9% to €1.362 billion, while EBITDA fell by 4.7% to €570 million.

CEO Maximo Ibarra said that the Q1 performance reflected “a mix of an ongoing competitive environment and the impact of the execution of our strategic actions”.

He said that customers satisfaction had “increased in both Consumer and Business, a clear indication that our customers appreciate the quality of the connectivity and services we deliver”.

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