Kaltura teams up with Dativa

Video technology company Kaltura has formed a strategic partnership with TV data consultancy Dativa to develop what the pair describe as the industry’s first data lake dedicated to cloud TV services.

The data infrastructure to be built based on Dativa’s skills, toolset, and understanding will deliver insights to TV marketers using the Kaltura TV Platform, according to Kaltura, enabling them to provide new targeted offerings.

The TV data lake imports data from multiple data sources, which are unified and normalised and turned into relevant insights for marketers that can be used to create targeted TV AI-based user segmentation models.

The data lake that Dativa will build for Kaltura will feature Kaltura data and multiple pre-integrated TV centric third-party data sources.

Dativa will also work with Kaltura to develop machine learning models that can help cloud TV service providers optimise user acquisition and retention, increase of content consumption and monetization.

“We’re delighted to be helping Kaltura deliver the promise of data-driven TV to its customer base. The ability to harness and use data to succeed should not be the preserve of large companies with big data science teams. But it is often difficult to find skilled, knowledgeable data science and engineering resources with the know-how needed to effectively and quickly implement new data-driven strategies.  We see enormous value in technology companies like Kaltura bringing these competencies to their customers,” said Tom Weiss, co-founder, chief data scientist and CTO at Dativa.

“Kaltura’s cloud TV platform is the industry’s first truly data-driven solution. We are very excited to partner with Dativa and enjoy their extensive TV and data expertise to build our Cloud TV data lake,” said Shay David, Kaltura president and general manager, media and telecom.

“In today’s crowded industry, media companies and service providers are fighting to gain more eyeballs, but even more so to retain them.  The winners will be those that provide their users with the most fitting service, content and user experience, at the right price point.”

David continued: “Cloud TV providers must transform the way they consume, process and act on data. Kaltura starts with looking at all data sources, and then creating holistic user profiles and advanced AI-based segmentation, which empower our customers to tailor the entire TV experience from commercial offerings, through content and advertisement all the way to personalized UI.”

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