SPI International moves into movie and series production

Channel provider SPI International is moving into movie and TV series production in partnership with movie director and producer Phillipe Martinez.

The partnership calls for four TV series productions, including Salvage Marines, a TV series about a group of soldiers involved in the eponymous militarised deep space operation, production of which started in March; Mister Mayfair, a trilogy about a former New York gangster living in Mayfair, London; and The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud, a story is about a space cruiser that crashes on a planet that is home to an intergalactic prison.

“I couldn’t be more pleased to announce our partnership with director and producer Phillipe Martinez. Together we are producing three movies and a brand new TV series in 2019,” said Loni Farhi, president of SPI International.

“SPI is investing in products and programmes that will speak to and delight audiences worldwide.”

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