Alchimie secures agreement for Gulli and Mezzo Live HD

Content aggregation and distribution company Alchimie has struck a partnership with Lagardère Active’s TV division that enables Alchimie to distribute two of Lagardère Group’s linear channels to Alchimie’s Watch-It subscribers, across digital platforms: Gulli in Belgium and Mezzo Live HD in Germany.

Audiences in Belgium will be able to see Gulli’s kids content, and in Germany will be able to subscribe to Mezzo Live HD’s selection of opera, classical, ballet and jazz performances. Both channels will be offered via Watch-It!, available on Google Play, Apple’s App Store and on and on relevant country mobile networks in Germany and Belgium.

“Gulli and Mezzo Live HD are both super channels in terms branding, content and editorial curation, Mezzo Live HD appeals to classical music and jazz fans, and attracts a knowledgeable, older audience, whilst Gulli has an enthusiastic and committed kids following. Strategically they are a great fit for the Alchimie model which dynamically promotes distinctive themed content to target selective audiences, matching their interests to relevant content and fulfilling their discerning viewing requirements,” said Frederic Rossignol, Chief Content Officer, Alchimie.

Alchimie themes, curates and promotes channels to generate new audiences for existing content and works in partnership with rights holders and owners on a revenue share basis. Its services include digitisation, translation, subtitles, dubbing and promotion for premium content, which Alchimie delivers as part of its channel bouquets. Alchimie’s OTT channels reach subscribers via platforms including EE, Vodafone, IoS, Apple TV, Android TV, Orange, 02 and T-Mobile

“Alchimie is a perfect partner! Both Mezzo Live HD and Gulli have an established community and Watch-It will help bring new audiences committed to these genres by offering a more flexible viewing experience. Mezzo Live HD particularly carries some of the most incredible and notable classical music and jazz performances, whilst the award-winning Gulli is a safe online channel for kids and families.  Alchimie’s marketing and technological expertise will make these channels even more widely available throughout Europe meeting our extended audiences’ needs to view the channels whenever and wherever they want.” said Caroline Cochaux, managing director of Lagardère TV and CEO of Mezzo and Gulli

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