Synamedia showcases automation capabilities

Video technology specialist Synamedia has used the NAB Show to unveil new automation capabilities for its Virtual Digital Content Manager (DCM) with smart rate control that it says will save operators up to 50% of bandwidth and storage costs.

Using machine-learning and Synamedia Stream Video Quality, the company’s patented quality metric technology, the solution automatically scales based on bandwidth requirements, according to Synamedia.

The video processing technology uses machine learning to automate setting the quality level and cap bitrate. It can operate on the individual bitrate profile level, and does not assume that two channels behave the same nor that the content of a channel is equally complex over the course of time, according to Synamedia

Julien Signes

Currently, standard Adaptive Bit Rate solutions use output profiles that are set to constant bit rates with varying picture quality, potentially resulting in more bandwidth usage than is required due to varying quality level targets, such as switching from a high impact football game to a more static interview, according to the company. Synamedia’s Virtual DCM with Smart Rate Control and Automation scales as needed according to bandwidth requirements.

Synamedia says that TV operators looking to deploy on a large scale quickly benefit from its automation capabilities because the need for trial and error testing is eliminated. This is particularly important when distributing sports content, which can be complex to encode due to the many movement variations that would traditionally require individual encoding settings.

Synamedia’s Virtual DCM with Smart Rate Control and Automation sets target quality levels and bitrate caps per the ABR bitrate profile for each channel in a network. It also automatically makes adjustments when needed. The technology supports both H.264 and H.265 coding.

Today, competition is fierce, and no one is more keenly aware of that than our customers. They need a competitive edge and they look to us to help them discover one.  Our new Virtual DCM with Smart Rate Control and Automation delivers on that challenge head first,” said Julien Signes, SVP and general manager, video processing at Synamedia.

Operators tell us that our new automation capabilities are a first in the industry and can open up efficiency and scalability possibilities like never before. This is one of the many ways we help them win and keep viewers.”

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