Roy Morgan cites huge opportunity for Apple TV+ in Australia

Michele Levine

New research from Roy Morgan Research makes encouraging reading for Apple as it prepares to launch streaming TV service Apple TV+ in Australia later this year. Although RMR describes the market as crowded, it says the potential is “huge”.

According to RMR: “Over 17 million (83.4% of Australians 14+) currently access streaming video services or own Apple-branded devices capable of accessing streaming video devices. This market includes over 14.7 million (71.8%) Australians who already use streaming video services such as Netflix, Stan, ABC iView and others who would be interested in a new Apple TV+ streaming service as well as nearly 11.7 million (57%) Australians already capable of accessing the new service.”

Among the biggest opportunities, says RMR, is “the 4.6 million Millennials who use streaming services or use an Apple device capable of streaming.”

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan says: “The increasingly competitive streaming TV market is about to get even more cut-throat with the entry of the world’s first trillion dollar company to the market. Apple TV+ will be able to draw upon Apple’s immense war chest of over US$240 billion to create content which Apple announced as ‘cash on hand’ at the end of 2018. However to really make a success in Australia Apple will need to understand the unique dynamics and preferences that drive Australian TV audiences to choose their favourite content.”

For example, says RMR, it will need to pay attention to which genres are most popular. “Analysing Roy Morgan’s in-depth media data for Australian users of streaming TV services and Apple devices shows that it is News which is the most widely watched genre. Nearly 60% of Australians accessing streaming services or using Apple devices watch News in an average week well clear of second placed Reality TV seen by 39%. Other popular TV genres for Australians who access streaming TV services or who use Apple devices include Current Affairs shows (32%), Sport (31%), Dramas (30%) and Quiz/ Game shows (30%).”

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