Verizon transitioning Volicon customers to SnapStream

Verizon Digital Media Services is transitioning customers of its Volicon Observer broadcast monitoring and compliance product to solutions from SnapStream following its decision to discontinue appliance-based solutions.

Verizon Digital Media Services has named SnapStream as official transition partner for the transition. In January, Verizon Digital Media Services announced the end-of-sale of the appliance-based solutions in an effort to focus continued development on future solutions that it says better align with industry trends and market needs during the ongoing migration to IP and streaming video workflows. This agreement provides a support path for Volicon’s customers, said the company.

As a part of this agreement, Volicon customers with active support contracts may now use SnapStream to provide extended Volicon support into 2020. Volicon customers with lapsed support contracts are eligible for extended Volicon support from SnapStream.

Following extended support, Volicon customers will have the option of transitioning to SnapStream’s broadcast monitoring and compliance product.

“Volicon and SnapStream have always had strong mutual respect. We have similar products with overlapping features and even have many common customers. SnapStream is known, among other things, for the great support we provide, and we look forward to providing the same high-quality support to Volicon customers. We hope to eventually earn the business of current Volicon customers by converting them into SnapStream customers,” said SnapStream CEO Rakesh Agrawal.

“Verizon Digital Media Services is committed to providing high-quality products and services for our customers. The partnership with SnapStream will provide Volicon Observer customers with a dedicated support team at the highest level of commitment to ensure continued success in their business operations,” said Peter Gallagher, COO of Verizon Digital Media Services.

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