TDC unveils 5G plan and promises DKK1bn digital entertainment investment

Danish telco TDC has unveiled plans to roll out a 5G mobile network throughout the country by the end of next year following the unveiling of plans last week to create two separate companies focused on fibre and 5G infrastructure, and digital services respectively.  

TDC will launch the 5G rollout in October. The company has partnered with Ericsson for its 5G deployment. TDC president and CEO Alison Kirkby said that the 5G rollout would represent “a quantum leap on capacity, internet speed and intelligent connectivity”.

TDC last week announced the creation of a dedicated infrastructure company, and a separate digital services company, Nuuday, that will encompass existing customer-facing brands including YouSee, Telmore and TDC Business.

Nuuday will invest over DKK1 billion (€134 million) in building “the next generation of digital entertainment solutions”, building on the recent launch of à la carte TV offering Bland Self and combined TV and streaming offering Xee.

The new unit has struck an agreemnent with Nordic Entertainment Group to give YouSee exclusive rights to show half of English Premier League football matches on the Xee linear channel.

Nuuday is expected to become an independent legal entity and subsidiary of TDC’s domestic operation in the course of this year.

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