Euskaltel begins offering services in León and La Rioja

Spanish regional cable operator Euskaltel has begun commercialising its services in the northern Spanish regions of León and La Rioja as part of its plan to progressively expand to additional regions outside its home markets of the Basque Country, Asturias and Galicia.

In León, Euskaltel is using the R brand used by its Galician subsidiary to target 158,000 homes via Orange’s network in the region. The operator has opened a pop-up store in the centre of the city of León with plans to open two new shops in the city and a third in the city of Ponferrada over the next few weeks. It also plans to market its services in the cities of Astorga and La Bañeza later.

In has also opened its first shop in the city of Logroño in La Rioja, with plans to open commercial outlets in Nájeera and Arnedo subsequently, to be followed by an outlet in the Miranda de Ebro centre in Burgos.

In La Rioja, Euskaltel plans to target its services to 103,000 homes in La Rioja, where it using the Euskaltel brand.

Euskaltel has already begun to offer services over Orange’s network in Navarre, also in northern Spain, and Catalonia, where it has teamed up with automotive club RACC to target a footprint of 600,000 homes under the RACCtel+ brand.

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