AirTies claims US success for Smart WiFi

WiFi technology specialist AirTies and reseller partner AirSonics have revealed that 34 regional operators across North America have deployed AirTies’ Smart Wi-Fi solutions to their subscribers.

AirSonics serves as a strategic partner for AirTies, offering managed WiFi solutions  and the StratiFi total-home Wi-Fi portfolio to regional service providers throughout North America. These operators deploy Mesh Access Points from AirTies, branded as AirSonics’ StratiFi 4920s, to help operators upgrade in-home Wi-Fi performance and coverage.

AirTies Smart Wi-Fi software directs consumer devices to the optimal channel and band based on real-time network conditions to improve performance, according to AirTies. The North American operators also use AirTies’ Remote Manager, a cloud-based Wi-Fi network management tool that gives broadband service providers visibility into their subscribers’ Wi-Fi usage.

The customers include Beanfield, GRM Networks, Hargray, Horizon Telcom, Lumos Networks and Whidbey Telecom.

“AirTies is perhaps best known for providing Smart Wi-Fi solutions to national or multinational service providers, but local and regional service providers face the exact same challenges and opportunities when it comes to in-home Wi-Fi. Consumers want consistent Wi-Fi in every corner of the home, and operators want more insights and control over home networks.  AirSonics’ extensive experience has enabled us to reach dozens of new operators across North America,” said Philippe Alcaras, CEO of AirTies.

“At AirSonics, our mission is to help local and regional operators with the right products and solutions to differentiate and grow their businesses. Operators know that providing premium in-home Wi-Fi is critical, which is why we partnered with AirTies. AirTies’ Smart Wi-Fi and remote management software empower us to offer the best scalable, end-to-end wireless networking solution to our customers and prospects in towns and cities across North America,” said Ron Musai, president and CEO of AirSonics.