Orange Spain launches two more integrated Netflix options

Orange España has launched two new packages with Netflix integrated as part of the offering that include an additional data line.

The two packages – part of Orange’s overall Love-branded service offering – are Intenso Max and Experto Max.

Intenso Max includes 30GB of mobile data, a mobile line with unlimited calls and another with 4G data, and symmetrical fibre-based broadband with speeds of up to 100Mbps for €78.95 a month.

Experto Max includes 50GB of data, symmetrical broadband at speeds of up to 500Mbps and the two mobile lines for €91.95.

The two offerings are targeted at new subscribers, but Orange will also make them available to existing customers that wish to upgrade.

The offers include the basic Netflix option, while the standard offering with HD on up to two devices is available for an additional €3 and the Netflix Premium offering, with UHD on four screens is available for €6 extra.

“Orange’s objective is to provide to our customers the most complete, flexible and versatile TV offering in the overall Spanish TV market, with propositions of maximum quality and with an innovative user experience. Our collaboration agreement with Netflix is further proof of our wish to make ongoing improvements, giving to our customers the opportunity to personalise even more the offering from one of the current leaders in the entertainment market,” said Samuel Muñoz, director of marketing at Orange.

“Our objective is to bring to our Spanish customers quality entertainment and stories from creators across the world. This collaboration agreement is a further stage in confirming our commitment to Spain and brings to our access to Netflix to our Orange customers in a simple and immediate way,’ said María Ferreras, VP of business development EMEA at Netflix.

In January, Orange announced what it pitched as a flexible convergent offering that enables consumers to take only the services that they really need, bundled with a free Netflix subscription for six months for customers that use its services more intensively.

The company said it would offer Netflix free of charge to customers that take a ‘heavy’ mobile data bundle, while users of two lighter packages received Netflix free for the first three months.