Tele Columbus chairman to quit ahead of schedule

Tele Columbus HQ

German cable operator Tele Columbus’ supervisory board chairman Frank Donck is resigning ahead of the expiry of his term later this year.

Donck has served as chairman since the incorporation of Tele Columbus in 2014, during which time he helped push through the company’s IPO, the acquisition of cable operators Primacom and Pepcom and the successful completion of a number of rounds of financing.

Tele Columbus said the search for a successor was now underway. Donck will play a role in the succession process.

Donck said that he had decided to “hand over the baton” of his role “against the background of my other activities”. He said That the operator had now completed its ambitious phase of integrating new acquisitions.

Donck is managing director of investment outfit 3D NV, which he said now intended to acquire shares in Tele Columbus.