Euskaltel taps ZTE for fibre rollout in Spain

Spanish regional cable operator Euskaltel has struck an agreement with Chinese technology company ZTE to use the latter’s end user equipment in its current and future markets in the country.

Under the agreement between the pair, ZTE will progressively become the cable operator’s reference provider for fibre end-user equipment.

Euskaltel said that the agreement would enable it to meet its ambitous expansion plan of extending its reach to five additional regional markets in Spain.

Euskaltel is using Orange’s fibre network to expand its reach to Navarre, Leon, Cantabria and La Rioja, while it is offering services in Catalonia through a JV with automotive club RACCtel in the shape of RACCtel+.

Euskaltel has set a – somewhat modest – target of gaining 90,000 new subscribers across the five markets.

“With this agreement confirmed today with ZTE Espana, Euskaltel Group is progressing once more its strategy in partnership with one of the principal players in the market, with the dual objective of unifying its working practices and simplifying the processes of the company, which will achieve an improved experience for its users. Our customers are the focus around which Euskaltel Group builds all its business activities,” said Francisco Arteche, CEO of Euskaltel.

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