NTT Docomo develops 8K VR system for live video over 5G

NTT Docomo has developed what it claims to be the world’s first 8K 3D virtual reality (VR) system for live video streaming and viewing at 60 frames per second (fps) over 5G.

The Japanese mobile operator said that viewers will be able to use head-mounted displays to experience music and sporting events in realistic 3D VR.

Docomo first announced its 360-degree 8K VR system for live video streaming and viewing last June, but said it has further refined it to make it more immersive and realistic.

The refined system includes a new 8K encoder that supports frame rates of up to 60 fps, a 3D camera for live video streaming, and an FPGA stitching device for fast processing.

It also introduces ViRealTM 3D audio technology developed by Yamaha Corporation that enables omnidirectional sound through standard headphones.

Earlier this month, Docomo successfully streamed video of the rehearsal of this year’s Sapporo Snow Festival using 5G equipment, in partnership with Hokkaido Television Broadcasting and NEC Corporation.

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