Human rights TV channel launches in the UK

The International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR) has launched what it claims is the first dedicated human rights TV channel in the UK.

The IOHR celebrated its first anniversary with the launch of IOHRTV at an event at London’s Frontline Club last week. The channel is available online and via the Netgem.TV platform.

IOHR director, Valerie Peay, said the aim of IOHRTV is “to put human rights into the front line of mainstream media”.

The channel will air programmes that showcase the work of non-governmental organisations and people who dedicate their lives to championing civil society around the world.

“TV is a great platform to share the many incredible stories we encounter, and we aim to use that platform to make long-lasting and meaningful change,” said Peay.

IOHRTV is available via and its mobile apps, and online via

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