DAZN: a great landing page and local specifics key to building OTT TV businesses

Building a compelling landing page that appeals to a global audience while catering for specifically local requirements when users drill down is key to successful marketing for a global sports OTT TV offering such as DAZN, according to the company’s director of product, web, acquisition and retention, Jessica d’Ardenne.

Speaking at the OTT TV World Summit in London, d’Ardenne said that DAZN operates across divers local markets and needs to “cater for a local culture with a global brand” as well as catering for sports fans as its global target market. “We have to solve these problems on the very first page of DAZN,” she said.

The landing page has a sports image or video that is designed to make users feel part of a global family of sports fans, said d’Ardenne. “Creating a powerful emotive response is the first thing,” she said. “We are offering a VOD service and the moment you see the video on the page, you know exactly what this is. The video is really helpful.” She said that “tiniest per-cent change” of people signing up from arriving on the landing page can be “huge” in terms of its impact.

Following that, the page explains how people can pay without signing up for a monthly contract and what the options for subscribers are. The challenge, she said, is “to provide information that you need in your particular cultural context to give us your trust,” she said.

Japanese sign-up pages have a lot more information than pages in Germany, for example, she said. People in Japan need a lot more information before they are willing to sign up. “Any visual real-estate in Japan is completely crammed…with information overload,” she said. “That is exactly what a Japanese customer expects.”

DAZN has a different challenge in the US or Germany where people often sign up without reading anything. “In that case, how do we manage expectations about what you see next,” she said. D’Ardenne said that in Germany and Austria, subscribers like to cancel in person. “If it gives you more trust and reassurance to call us to cancel, we support that,” she said.

D’Ardenne said that offering flexible terms has been key for DAZN. Sports is seasonal and people often churn at the end of the season, so the company has initiated a ‘pause’ feature to enable people to pause their subscription rather than cancel at any given time, and can restart when they want on a particular date automatically.

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