C More looking to older Finns to drive uptake of SVOD service

Nordic pay TV operator C More is targeting older, less digital-savvy viewers and focusing on local and national content to differentiate its recently launched subscription video-on-demand offering in a crowded OTT TV market, according to Emmi Vainionpää, director of pay TV at the pay TV outfit.

Speaking specifically about C More in the Finnish market at the OTT TV World Summit in London this morning, Vainionpää said that the traditional pay TV is driving growth of all the services and said that there was a market among older viewers in the 45-plus or 55-plus age range that is not yet used to SVOD. “We are really taking food care of the end user in terms of personal content,” she said

Vainionpää said that C More was also the first to bring free-to-air local content without ads to SVOD, and added that the operator plans to launch a new 24/7 ad-free service in a few months.

C More launched its SVOD service in Finland, where TV4 owns leading channel MTV, in February last year, having invested in key rights at the end of 2016.

Vainionpää said that C More was “not aiming to take customers from Netflix” but to use Netflix to educate people about the benefits of SVOD. “We have the national and local content and that is what is driving the business,” she said.

She said that C More wanted to offer a comprehensive offering across multiple platforms, including cable and OTT TV. C More’s other priorities include introducing offline viewing and investing more in local content.

Vainionpää also said that pay TV operator such as C More need to work together with partners to “bring the whole package to viewers”.

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