Report: Belgian regulator to investigate Telenet-De Vijver deal

The Belgian Competition Authority is due to examine Telenet’s takeover of De Vijver Media to assess its potential impact on the local market, according to Reuters.

The European Commission reportedly confirmed on Friday that it has referred the matter to the Belgian regulator after the Liberty Global-owned Telenet sought EU approval for the deal in early October.

The Belgian regulator asked to take on the case to investigate whether the deal will have a significant effect on competition in regional markets in the country, reported Reuters.

Telenet agreed to take full control of De Vijver Media in March – a move that will put the cable operator in charge of the VIER, VIJF and ZES commercial channels and the Woestijnvis production house.

Telenet said at the time that the deal will allow it to respond faster and more effectively to innovations in viewing experience or advertising, against a backdrop of changing viewer behaviour and the increasing power of global players like Netflix and Amazon.