Ericsson: 5G has the speed and latency to support 3D holographs

Only 5G has the speed and low enough latency to support 3D-holographs on a mobile network, according to Ericsson.

The company has staged a number of trials using this volumetric display technology in recent months and claims that 3D holographic communication requires about four times as much data as a streamed 4K video.

Ericsson says it sees the potential of 3D holographs in medical imaging, video conferencing and gaming, with the technology one example of the boundaries that mobile operators are starting to push using 5G technology.

Ericsson recently partnered with Vodafone Germany to power a live holographic interview combining 5G and connected transport. It has run similar demos with Vodafone Ireland and Greek operator Cosmote.

For more information on Ericsson’s trials, click here.

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