Few Spanish homes making use of TV parental controls

Only about one in 10 Spanish households with children make use of parental control features on their TV, fewer than half of those making use of such features on computers or tablets, according to markets regulator the CNMC.

Use of parental controls to block content unsuitable for children across different devices. Source: CNMC

According to the watchdog, only 11% of homes with children use parental control features on their TV, compared with 23% who use such features on laptops and tablets. Some 19% used parental controls to monitor what minors viewed on mobile phones.

Of homes that do use parental controls, the majority use features supplied by their device manufacturer of choice. Some 47% used filtering tools that come with their mobile or tablet and 43% use tools supplied along with their internet browser, while 35% use the filter supplied with their TV set. Only 22% use filters supplied by their subscription TV service provider, and 16% use tools downloaded from the web.

While relatively few households make active use of parental controls, concern about the exposure of children to audiovisual content that could harm them continues to rise, with over 80% expressing concern.

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