Ooyala joins SRT Alliance

Ooyala has joined the SRT Alliance, an organisation set up to support the open-source video transport protocol and technology stack, SRT (Secure Reliable Transport).

SRT is designed to enable the delivery of high-quality and secure low-latency video across the public internet, optimising streaming performance and bringing the best-quality live video over even the worst-quality networks.

SRT accounts for packet loss, jitter, and fluctuating bandwidth, maintaining the integrity and quality of a video stream, and is available royalty-free on GitHub.

“Ooyala fully supports the SRT Alliance’s goals; we are all about driving innovation and collaboration to overcome the challenges to achieving consistently low-latency video streaming,” said Belsasar Lepe, Ooyala founder and CTO.

“Providing the best digital video experience is a major part of our mission, and we’re fully committed to delivering just that – reliable video quality unfettered by latency issues, stuttering and dropouts. This industry-wide collaboration is a key step in giving viewers TV-grade performance, with the added benefits unique to online.”

The SRT Alliance was founded by Haivision and Wowza and has the support of VideoLAN’s VLC, Wireshark, FFmpeg, and the GStreamer open source projects.

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