TDC sees TV numbers slide at reduced rate

Danish telco TDC, which provides residential services under the YouSee brand, saw its TV base decline by 12,000 in the third quarter, contributing to a decline in gross profit from TV of 5.7% to DKK485 million (€65 million).

YouSee’s TV revenue for the nine months to the end of September was DKK2.997 billion, down from DKK3.111 billion last year.

TDC said its TV losses in the third quarter constituted an improvement in performance compared with other recent quarters, reflecting an improving underlying customers trend.

The decline was accompanied by a lower gross profit margin from TV, due to higher content costs, partly stemming from the includsing of streaming services in YouSee’s TV packages, which was only partially offset by TV ARPU growth of DKK4 year-on-year to DKK261 driven by price increases.

YouSee had 1.255 million TV customers at the end of September.

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