Foxtel renews licensing deal with TiVo

Australian pay TV outfit Foxtel has renewed its licence with TV technology provider TiVo Corporation for TiVo’s search and recommendation services.

Foxtel will have access to TiVo’s personalised content discovery platform as part of the licensing agreement.

TiVo said that as a long-term search and recommendation customer, Foxtel would be able to provide its subscribers with the latest TiVo innovations to help deliver entertainment experiences.

“We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with TiVo, in order to ensure we have the most advanced content discovery technology at our subscribers’ fingertips across a multitude of devices. Foxtel has a legacy of driving innovation across the Australian television landscape TiVo’s solutions are a strong contributor in helping us to stay at the forefront of bringing the latest entertainment services to our viewers,” said Michael Ivanchenko, Foxtel’s director of Product Design & Development.

“Foxtel’s continued investment and trust in TiVo’s personalised discovery capabilities demonstrates our innovation leadership and differentiation in such a competitive landscape. We are proud to continue working with Foxtel, one of the most progressive and dynamic media companies in Asia Pacific, to enable viewers to benefit from a personalised discovery experience, dramatically improving the viewer experience and increasing engagement,” said Samuel Sweet, senior vice-president, sales EMEA and APAC, TiVo.

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